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I brought from my travels in India a selection of my favorite fabrics, traditional sarees and embroidered borders. I twisted those elaborated patterns with a simple and structured cut to create playful and elegant pieces.

Because comfort comes first, all garnments are made with a 100% cotton lining from Germany. Jeans jackets are handmade sewed and customized with a nath nose ring, an authentic indian jewelry. These are limited collections with unique pieces created and produced in Berlin.

About Ishhh

The creator, Carmen, in Inda

I find my inspiration in indian garment: elegant sarees, rich patterns, colorful fabrics and gold jewelry. I enjoy the contrast between urban and traditional, industrial vs craftmanship, the grey of asphalt vs. colorful fashion and mixing contemporary designs with authentic indian fabrics.

ISHHH logo

Pattern Maker: Loïc Gros
Graphic Identity: Julia Zé
Models: Nikki, Adèle Chénez
Hair & Make-up artist: Adriana Metzlaff
Website: Edouard Richard